Custom Website Calculators

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Do you need a custom calculator for your website? We can help.
We have helped many businesses with simple & complex online calculators for:

  • Equipment hire
  • Custom product ordering with varying dimensions
  • Custom freight charges
  • Volume estimates
  • Vehicle rentals
  • Insurance estimates 
  • Online spreadsheets
  • Debt consolidation and repayment 

We can set up a self managed system where you can load tens of thousands (or more) of input factors, and receive results in a split second. 
You can download the output in a PDF, custom charts, or even in flash format.

Simple calculators can be set up for $660 inc GST. 
For a detailed quote, please write us your requirements using the above form.

Some of our previous projects are shown below:

Quote calculator for custom made & standard shower grates 

Conference registration form with simple JavaScript total cost calculator 

Vehicle hire quote generator. The site cross-checks up to 50,000 rates from multiple operators, along with special offers, hire restrictions, depot closures and more. 

Instant quote calculator using JavaScript 

Custom curtain ordering facility 

A simple "chop service" JavaScript calculator for a custom photo framing service:








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